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Pronunciation ( g ) in English

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Please tell me the meaning of "et alia" in Arabic?

By Jood Omar Hussam Hussam 1

CAVVU Team, Greeting.... My question: What does "متسول" mean in ...

By Altaf Mohammad Khan Khan 1


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الألم ،، الأمل | فيلم قصير

‏‎Halla Mohammed

5 Stars

Osamah Owaidha
SI Technical Team Leader - NOKIA NETWORKS

My view is that CAVVU is characterized by simplicity and availability of several different services in the field of eTranslation. This will allow ease and flexibility of submitting orders and navigating between languages from one place.

Mohammad Al Zaro

No doubt that, the information given on this website calls for praise and appreciation. I hope CAVVU dealings with potential customers will be true and compatible with such information.

Khairallah Abdelfattah
Unit Manager - Zalloum Group

Having taken a look at CAVVU, I can say that it is coping with modernity and deviating from the traditional approach to a more modern approach using splendid criteria and ever changing style. I see it will be flexible and simplified for users.

‎Mustafa Alshmre
CAVVU Visitor

4 Stars

Lolo Lolo

Perfect Service

Amin M. Amin
Warehouses & Distribution Mgr. - Fuad Alfadhli Co.

In order to compete successfully the other translation websites, I see that CAVVU must provide multi-language translation services.

Mohammad Hamdan
Projects Sales Mgr. - Watania Gypsum Company

In fact, there are several translation websites, and CAVVU is not the only website. Yet, CAVVU must prove its uniqueness to customers.