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CAVVU Team, Greeting.... My question: What does "متسول" mean in English?

By Altaf Mohammad Khan Khan


Mr. Altaf, Thank you for visiting CAVVU & asking this question. Answer: "متسول" means ((beggar)).

By فريق كافو ||

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Please tell me the meaning of "et alia" in Arabic?

By Jood Omar Hussam Hussam 1

CAVVU Team, Greeting.... My question: What does "متسول" mean in ...

By Altaf Mohammad Khan Khan 1


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الألم ،، الأمل | فيلم قصير

Amin M. Amin
Warehouses & Distribution Mgr. - Fuad Alfadhli Co.

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Nelly Saad

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‏‎Manal Al Armouti


Amjad Kurdi
Sales Manager - Panasonic Solutions

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‏‎Eng-Zaid Ismail

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Dr. Montaser A. Ismail
EGH - Heart & Catheterization Consltant

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Mohammad Al Zaro

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Mohammad Hamdan
Projects Sales Mgr. - Watania Gypsum Company

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