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CAVVU Terms and Conditions

Latest update June 1, 2014

This is the legal agreement between you and CAVVU portal and CAVVU Corp. which will BE applicable to you regarding one or all services rendered by CAVVU upon you request through its electronic site. This agreement defines all the terms and conditions governing the access to CAVVU electronic site and using any of its services including e-translation of documents and of all relevant matters and other services provided by CAVVU.,

Please read this agreement carefully by registering in CAVU site or entering, browsing, using and requesting any of CAVVU services. By this you declare that you have read well all CAVVU legal terms and conditions, and you agree to adhere to this agreement. In case you disagree to comply with this agreement, please don't register and don't enter to CAVVU site and don't use its services.

CAVVU General Terms and Conditions:

This part defines the parties concerned in this agreement.
CAVVU is an electronic service/ services provided through an electronic site established for providing electronic translation services for customers and those who need such services through the Internet in case you wish to be a member of CAVVU and use the services rendered by CAVVU through its electronic site.
Please read the following conditions:
CAVVU shall have the right to change this agreement at any time. The user shall ensure from time to time the latest updates to this edition of the agreement and its terms and conditions. (The user shall have no right for claims in this regard)
In case you have registered in CAVVU electronic site as a member, you are requested to create a definition file of your own (personal file) which will contain your personal information, such as the username, email address, and other general information which aims to disclose your ID and introduce you.
By completing registration process successfully, you become a member at CAVVU site which means that you agree on complying with the terms and conditions of this agreement. But as a visitor to CAVVU site without registering as a member (user), then you are obligated by some of the conditions of this agreement.
Both of you and CAVVU shall have the right to terminate this agreement anytime and for any reason whatsoever. This agreement is active unless one of the parties notifies the other by email of terminating it. CAVVU will send you a notification by email confirming your compliance with this agreement when you have completed successfully registration process as a member of CAVVU site. In order that you can terminate this agreement with CAVVU, you have to end your membership to CAVVU site and inform CAVVU of this step through the site or by email. CAVVU has the right to suspend or terminate your membership anytime and without prior notice in case CAVVU has discovered any breaches by of any term in this agreement or of any other conditions published by CAVVU on its electronic site from time to time.
CAVVU shall not be responsible for your using the site or the services offered by it: Your use of CAVVU site and its services is considered a personal use performed by you alone and you have no right to distribute the username and password of your membership to others in order to allow them use CAVVU site and services through your membership. 


Privacy Policy:

We are working for ensuring the confidentiality of the personal information and making it secure. And thus, we don't pass or publish personal information to others.
CAVVU uses your personal information according to the latest methods and approaches for protecting the personal information and data requiring Privacy inside its electronic sites. However, despite all security precautions taken for maintaining the Privacy, we cannot provide any guarantees for the efficiency of security we are employing, and it is not always possible to prevent third parties that by illegal manner manage to have access to the information provided by you.
It is well known that, under no circumstances, no guarantees may be given to prevent personal information from becoming known to public. We have to expect that all information provided through our electronic site might be available to the public.
Nor can we guarantee your personal data and information will not be available to other members or users of the site. In this respect, you have to protect your important and private information. To maintain the confidentiality of the information, CAVVU advices and encourages all members and users to use alias name when using the services provided by CAVVU or any other parts of the electronic site.
CAVVU allows for the purchasers of translation service and creation of CVs to provide the files to be translated and their relative personal data for creating a CV. CAVVU carries out a check to these files and personal data through its working team before starting translation or creating a CV.
CAVVU archives the information including personal information which you provide when using our services or any other part of CAVVU website, CAVVU information storage existing on servers which are under control of CAVVU or which might be under control of a third party of those who agreed to comply with the obligations and conditions of CAVVU. Till then, CAVVU may keep some of or all the data belonging to you on backup files. CAVVU bears no responsibility for any obligation or warranty for archiving any information, nor does it guarantee that any of your information that has been archived might be available to later.
CAVVU may use your personal information and your original files for checking, researches and analysis with a view to improve work, offers and services. CAVVU will not share your personal information with third parties except in these cases:

  1. When CAVVU needs to disclose information relating to customers according to legal requests, such as legal subpoena or court orders or in compliance with the applicable laws. Besides, CAVVU may share other accounts or information when deemed necessary to comply with the law or to protect CAVVU and its assets. This includes sharing the information with other companies, lawyers or governmental agencies and corporations.

  2. In case CAVVU changes its property to another one, transferring of assets and property to another party, it is likely to transfer your user private information to the new owner/ owners.

  3. CAVVU may need to use your personal information in order to provide you with promotional emails or news releases. If you don't wish to receive such emails and news releases through CAVVU, please send a request through the email address of CAVVUsupport@cavvu.com, and CAVVU will exert all efforts to carry out your choice as soon as possible provided that CAVVU shall have the right to send some of the letters relating to its services to you, such as the services ads and administrative letters, without offering you the opportunity to choose them. 

Services and Payment:

Through this item CAVVU will provide you with an overview on services and work mechanism upon receipt of a payment from customers for any service provided by CAVVU. 

CAVVU provides through its site a variety of solutions and services, instruments, contents, products and other resources.  Customers will be able to get the services paid through CAVVU website by one of payment methods available on the site after completion of a successful payment process by customers. A customer will be able to delete the services request from CAVVU site after submission of the request and payment ONLY in case CAVVU has not started yet processing the request and providing the service to the customer and WITHIN 30 MINUTES AS MAXIMUM from submitting the request for services.  

CAVVU will ensure that the customer has performed payment for only 3 days in case he chose the available payment methods by customer except for Bank Transfer Method. After 3 days, and in case CAVVU has found out that no payment had not succeeded, verification will not performed again and the customer will be informed of this matter and the request for services will deleted. If a customer wishes to confirm the request and the payment process again, he shall again submit a new request.  Or you can communicate with CAVVU through support@cavvu.com.

A customer may get a quotation for translation. Upon receipt of the customer's request in his own database, CAVVU will study the translation and check it as well as ensure the payment process. Then, CAVVU shall have the right to accept or reject the request. If the customer does not accept, or in case he rejects, the translation or CV within 72 hours from receipt of the service through CAVVU its completion, the service shall be automatically deemed as approved by the customer.

Violation of this agreement and its terms and conditions by a customer will result in suspending his account and the amount paid by him through CAVVU will NOT be refundable.

In every successful request submitted by the customer for providing him with a service, the paid amount will be promptly transferred from the customer’s account into CAVVU account. In case CAVVU has considered the customer’s request for a certain service and found out that such request is not within the fields of CAVVU specified in Quality Policy Section and which should be complied with, this request will be rejected and the customer will be notified of the reasons for this action, and consequently the paid amount will be returned to the customer, and the request will be rejected besides deducting an amount of 0.62 USA only from the total paid amount which shall be borne by the customer. 

 If the customer chooses the Bank Transfer method, his request will be normally received, and CAVVU will proceed to accomplish and deliver it on the required date But the customer should attach a copy of the bank transfer which he made completely, and send it to CAVVU through his own page – Requests Section- the with request regarding this bank transfer process, and CAVVU team will process and deliver it on required time ONLY in case the bank transfer reaches CAVVU account. In case the Bank Transfer is received on a date later than 5 days from the payment process, CAVVU will have to delete the request and inform the customer of the reasons of such action. In case a customer sends a request for translating a certain matter via “Translation Order – fax” or “Translation Order – Soft Copies”, he shall not be obligated to proceed making the payment, because in this case CAVU will receive his request, study it and respond to the customer informing him of the date of delivery, the total costs, acceptance or refusal of the request. Then, in order for the customer to benefit from CAVVU services, he has to complete the request and make the payment.    



Of the quality standards adopted by CAVVU is the accuracy of performance and delivery on time as determined by CAVVU or as agreed upon between CAVVU and the customer. For the dates of delivery which are stipulated, they shall be only approximate unless otherwise is explicitly agreed by CAVVU; and CAVVU will estimate the length of time in proportion with performance and quality of the service. So, time will not be considered an essential essence for estimating the service and the customer may not refuse to receive the request and delete it or disavow the contract in case of any default. CAVU will be fully responsible under any circumstances for the consequences of any delay of delivery or performance or even in case of failure to accomplish and provide the required service. CAVVU has several methods for delivery through the website, fax or email. It will also be agreed upon between CAVVU and the customer on the method of delivery. CAVVU may in coordination with the customer define certain periods for delivery for only one request, which should be stipulated and agreed upon explicitly between CAVVU and the customer.

CAVVU Obligations:

CAVVU is committed to performing the services skillfully and accurately according to quality standards. CAVVU guarantees that all services rendered by it will be meeting all the required conditions, and it also guarantees that any service to be provided for you will be as far as possible free from any alleged errors or remarks. CAVVU will bear the responsibility of carrying out correction of any of such remarks such as inaccuracy and other errors, and then CAVVU will r provide you again with the service in the required form , and you may not in such cases delay payment or request to return to you the amounts/ or some of the amounts that had been paid to CAVVU for this service.

The Intellectual Property Rights:

This item will define your rights and CAVVU rights regarding all services offered, in particular the original translation files sent by you and the translation service provided by CAVVU, and CV data provided by you, and CV prepared by CAVVU sent to you.
You declare and guarantee that you have the right and integrity and attention in the files and information sent by you for translation or for creating a CV, and that they will not be in breach of the rights of any third party. You also guarantee that CAVVU is not responsible for any compensation for any claims lodged by third parties regarding any violation of CAVVU copyrights and intellectual property rights and distribution as a result of the translation of the materials provided by you. All copyrights and the intellectual property rights shall be observed in the original materials provide for CAVVU by you to provide you with its services such as translation, creating a CV belonging to you and authorized by you. The intellectual property rights will be outlined for the translated works when the full amount is received by CAVVU.

Settlement of Disputes:

This item specifies how to settle disputes and differences regarding the services on Internet, if any.
Disputes will be solved through CAVVU and at their discretion. You have the right to use CAVVU pages and services. All services, contents and pages provided by CAVVU through its website are subject to intellectual property rights and copyrights belonging to CAVVU. You may not copy, distribute, change or publish in any form whatsoever all items specified above, such as and limited to, using all mentioned above for creative work or for sale, promotion of CAVVU services. Violating these items is a violation of the intellectual property rights and contractual rights of CAVVU, which also may lead to serious civil and criminal sanctions. You may not use any of the rights, services and contents of CAVVU for any purpose other than benefitting from them through CAVVU only without prior written consent from CAVVU. This agreement does not give you any implicit approval or other authorization or right under any patent or trade mark or publication rights owned by CAVVU.

Guarantee representatives:

In case you are a member or user within CAVVU site, then you should comply with the following:
The proper use of the site and services in an acceptable and legal manner according to all laws and regulations applicable and stipulated.
Adherence to the policies of usage of CAVVU and all provisions and conditions related to the manner of using the site and services.
You may not quote CAVVU services, contents and topics for any other site other than those authorized for you to share such as publishing an article through the publication instruments available by CAVVU through social media sites.
You may not use, copy, change, publish, transmit, display, sell, distribute or reproduce any of the copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights and other confidential and protected information without prior written explicit consent from CAVVU.
When publishing any subject within CAVVU site, you declare and guarantee that you have the right to grant CAVVU and other members the authority to see such data and information.
When you send a request for a service and when you have received it from CAVVU, by this you guarantee that you have the right to grant CAVVU the authority to see such data and information.

Governing Laws and Regulations:

This agreement is governed by the laws of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (State of Jordan).
You agree explicitly on any claim or dispute that arises from your using CAVVU site and its services shall be governed by the laws of Jordan State. Moreover, you agree that any of such claims or disputes should be settled inside the state of Jordan and its courts. You agree that you will be subject to the judicial authority when .needed


The date of this agreement and other details:
This edition of the agreement is concluded on 1 June 2014. This edition contains a complete agreement on using CAVVU site and its services. This agreement may not be changed without an explicit consent from CAVVU. In case you publish your personal information on any of the site fields available to other users or members, then you have to be aware that this information might be read or collected or used by them, and that they might be used improperly. In this context, CAVVU is not responsible for any personal information belonging to you, which you willingly have chosen to introduce in one of the contents of the site available to users and members. CAVVU bears no responsibility for any damage that might happen as a result f such action.

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