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Quality Policies

Quality Policies:

CAVVU provides translation services of high quality in Arabic and English. CAVVU is very keen to deliver services on time for the lowest costs and prices.

All translated texts are revised and verified carefully to ensure its freedom from spelling and linguistic errors or mistakes in translation.

A team for editing and arranging the texts are working for editing the texts and introducing them in the required form according to fixed standards. The executive director carries out a verification of the final work before delivery and he confirms to the customer that all matters are completed. Besides, he performs alterations, if any, after revision by the customer. A memory shall be used for saving the repeated terms that contain harmonized style in different texts and translations.
A database of the technical and medical terms is built for one month, then they a questionnaire is sent to the customer, and we wait for a reply.

CAVVU is Dynamic and of Renewable Content: 

CAVVU provides its customers with the possibility of obtaining a quotation for translation service they need before proceeding with the request through prepaid translation on CAVVU website.

The following are not within the scope of CAVVU services: 

-The texts that don't need creativity, or copies of trademarks that are put to the proof.  
-Texts of critical safety or materials that endanger man's life in case of mistake. 
-Political themes which are illegal.
-Pornographic themes.  


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الألم ،، الأمل | فيلم قصير

Mohammad Hamdan
Projects Sales Mgr. - Watania Gypsum Company

In fact, there are several translation websites, and CAVVU is not the only website. Yet, CAVVU must prove its uniqueness to customers.

‏‎Manal Al Armouti


Mohammed Alshahrany

5 Stars Service

‎Mustafa Alshmre
CAVVU Visitor

4 Stars

Amjad Kurdi
Sales Manager - Panasonic Solutions

Indeed I have found what I have been looking for: online translation website. I am sure it will satisfy the needs of anyone who is anxious to a trustworthy website like CAVVU. BEST WISHES....

Altaf Khan


Osamah Owaidha
SI Technical Team Leader - NOKIA NETWORKS

My view is that CAVVU is characterized by simplicity and availability of several different services in the field of eTranslation. This will allow ease and flexibility of submitting orders and navigating between languages from one place.

Omar Ibrahim
Project Manager - Saudi Inteltec

It is surprising to find a website that allows you to easily and confidently submit translation orders, obtain other services and make payments from home or office. With my best wishes.