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Modernity and Flexibility

CAVVU moves through optical fiber that reaches you everywhere via the internet.  Just wait where you are and CAVVU will reach you..
A large team working enthusiastically and having high capabilities ready to help you..By coping with technology and our concept to change the used up approach, we study your needs and demands, and work under the umbrella of quality and accuracy in order to provide you with all you need through the highest standards in a very short part of time and cost..


Through few steps, you will get free services..just send an email, a tweeter, a bulletin on one of the social communication sites, a text message or any other short text..and while you are in your place anywhere..whether you are a translator or an ordinary person, you can use FOR FREE the Translators' Dictionary and the dictionary of English abbreviations.

CAVVU and You

Congratulations, dear customer, wherever you are! You have got your own seat under the roof of CAVVU which will assume its role in meting all your needs as far as possible, and will provide you with the support and consultation, if needed, anytime and anywhere..don't hesitate to communicate with CAVVU and its financial managers.

Just give CAVVU the opportunity to provide you with consultation

Free Translation

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Please tell me the meaning of "et alia" in Arabic?

By Jood Omar Hussam Hussam 1

CAVVU Team, Greeting.... My question: What does "متسول" mean in ...

By Altaf Mohammad Khan Khan 1


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الألم ،، الأمل | فيلم قصير

Haya Abdulghani

Nice, all the best...

‏‎Tareq Hajeer


Nisreen Ali

Delivery on time, Thanks CAVVU

Jood Hussam

Good Service

Ra'ed Malak
CTO - Kaizen Plus Co.

Of course, I'm watching really: the modern approach towards translation

Amjad Kurdi
Sales Manager - Panasonic Solutions

Indeed I have found what I have been looking for: online translation website. I am sure it will satisfy the needs of anyone who is anxious to a trustworthy website like CAVVU. BEST WISHES....

Nelly Saad

Very good service

Mohammed Alshahrany

5 Stars Service