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Jordan, Amman
P.O. Box: 3301 Amman 11953 Jordan
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Please tell me the meaning of "et alia" in Arabic?

By Jood Omar Hussam Hussam 1

CAVVU Team, Greeting.... My question: What does "متسول" mean in ...

By Altaf Mohammad Khan Khan 1


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الألم ،، الأمل | فيلم قصير

Omar Ibrahim
Project Manager - Saudi Inteltec

It is surprising to find a website that allows you to easily and confidently submit translation orders, obtain other services and make payments from home or office. With my best wishes.

Dr. Montaser A. Ismail
EGH - Heart & Catheterization Consltant

An attractive and practical web site that fulfill all your needs of rapid and accurate translation. I do recommend this site

Ra'ed Malak
CTO - Kaizen Plus Co.

Of course, I'm watching really: the modern approach towards translation

Nelly Saad

Very good service

Amjad Kurdi
Sales Manager - Panasonic Solutions

Indeed I have found what I have been looking for: online translation website. I am sure it will satisfy the needs of anyone who is anxious to a trustworthy website like CAVVU. BEST WISHES....

Ahmed Khalafallah
Medical Dept. Supervisor - NCCI

Thank you CAVVU for your unique concept...

‏‎Ashraf Alzaaneen

5 Stars

‏‎Hussein Ismail

5 Stars