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About Us

Through CAVVU,

Our Vision:

is fly high together in the sky of languages, to make the easiest road for crossing between languages.

Our aim:

is coping with modernity, creating flexibility and changing the used up approach towards translation.

Our service:

few steps towards accomplishing your needs..

About Us:

We are the New Approach Corporation for translation, a Jordanian translation house certified and licensed by Jordanian Publication Dept. for working in all fields of translation.

Trade Mark (TM):

CAVVU Trade Mark is a registered trade mark by law under the name “the New Approach Corporation for translation", category (41) No.: (134898).

CAVVU Staff:

CAVVU has an integrated team with high expertise and capabilities working under the umbrella of CAVVU for rendering service to you in translation fields. CAVVU Staff includes the following:

- Translation Section: composed of a team of translators of long experience and having university degrees in the field of translation.

- Revision & Proofreading: this section includes a team of proofreaders having high capabilities and excellent experiences.

- Text Editing: this section includes a team of text editors who render such text in the required format.

- Quality Control: This section includes a team for reviewing Requests in their final form and approving them before delivery.

- Sales & Accounts Management.

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الألم ،، الأمل | فيلم قصير

Ra'ed Malak
CTO - Kaizen Plus Co.

Of course, I'm watching really: the modern approach towards translation

Amjad Kurdi
Sales Manager - Panasonic Solutions

Indeed I have found what I have been looking for: online translation website. I am sure it will satisfy the needs of anyone who is anxious to a trustworthy website like CAVVU. BEST WISHES....

Sahar Ali

Good Performance

Haya Abdulghani

Nice, all the best...

Om Omar

Five stars service God luck dears‎‏

Mohammad Al Zaro

No doubt that, the information given on this website calls for praise and appreciation. I hope CAVVU dealings with potential customers will be true and compatible with such information.

‏‎Eng-Zaid Ismail

5 Stars

Ahmed Khalafallah
Medical Dept. Supervisor - NCCI

Thank you CAVVU for your unique concept...